We believe in the future. Financial media and many pundits regularly project negative outlooks earnings, job reports, economic forecasts — you name it. Yet, our world is constantly improving through technological advancements and efficiencies across all industries and we want to invest in the future.

That’s why we believe in patience. In our world of 24-hour news cycles with constant commentary telling us to buy and sell, the tried and true idea of long-term investing has fallen to the wayside. We know that long-term investing and wealth accumulation come over time, not overnight.

We are disciplined and stick to the personalized plans we create for our clients. Our goal-focused and plan-driven asset allocation approach is designed to maintain a balance that is congruous to an investor’s long-term goals and personal risk tolerance. Headlines do not drive the portfolio, the plan does.

We are also committed to proper diversification. To mitigate risk, we build portfolios to create deliberate stress within equity and fixed income asset classes that run on difference cycles. Maintaining balance and taking on as little risk as possible to successfully achieve one’s financial goals is paramount to our investment philosophy.

Regimentally rebalancing the portfolio is fundamental to maintain that balance. Fractionally selling high and buying low keeps the portfolio in the proper alignment and risk profile. That discipline helps the investor achieve their long-term goals.

Investment philosophy photo


Our approach allows investors to avoid the seven major investment mistakes:



Investors buying multiple of the same type of investment reducing efficiency



Taking on too much risk in one or a few securities



Unrealistic sense on invincibility; i.e. tulip bulbs in the 1600‘s or tech stocks in 1999



This time is never different; all markets drops are temporary


Chasing Yield

Long-term total return is essential to combat the ever-increasing loss of purchasing power


Cost Basis Driven Investing

Concerted portfolio management trumps realized gains and losses


Performance Chasing

Plan driven investment decisions; not trend or bandwagon driven