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Our portfolio management process is based on a comprehensive financial plan customized to your goals, including retirement planning, education, and charitable giving. When developing your financial plan, we employ strategies to minimize taxes over your entire lifetime, not just one year at a time.

We create a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on your comfort with investment risk/loss and financial goals, while defining asset classes in your portfolio, their target allocation amounts, and the investments we use to implement your portfolio. Over time, we systematically rebalance to account for asset allocation targets identified in IPS. This removes human emotion from investment decision-making process and allows trades made during rebalancing to buy low and sell high.

Portfolios are constructed with traditional stock, mutual fund, and exchange traded fund investments. We do not use exotic, illiquid, overly complicated investment vehicles. We work collaboratively to regularly monitor our clients’ portfolios and their investments; serving as a steward of their investments and staying true to their unique estate and legacy objectives.


As financial stewards and fiduciaries, we understand the importance of providing guidance on the topic of tax implications.We are firm believers in the notion of proper asset location, as it has significant impact on returns. We go to great lengths to keep our clients aware of the ramifications of existing and new issues surrounding taxes and investing. Our approach incorporates:

  • The optimization of multiple accounts within one household portfolio model.
  • Taxable, Non-Taxable and Tax-Free accounts should be invested differently, as they have different tax characteristics.
  • Less tax efficient asset classes due to expected distributions or higher internal turnover placed in retirement accounts.
  • More tax efficient, typically passive ETF investments in non-qualified accounts.
  • Active capital gain and loss harvesting – capital gains realized in years of expected lower income. (if applicable) to reduce potential capital gains in years of higher income, and tax loss swaps whenever possible.
  • Creating new tax loss whenever possible to spread capital gains.
  • Giving you clarity with a specific score of how tax efficient your portfolio is invested.


When planning for retirement, we help you develop a detailed cash flow plan based on your income needs in retirement and the resources available to you. Budgeting software is available to aid in keeping you on your financial track. Other services we offer are:

  • Blended Withdrawal Strategies
  • Cash Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Drawing Down Your Portfolio During Market Declines
  • Strategies to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
  • Rental Property Analysis
  • College Loan Analysis and Optimization
  • Tax Return Analysis
  • Pension Lump Sum Analysis


At Canopy, we will provide clarity with a specific score of your ideal portfolio comfort based on your preferences for risk within a six-month period. We utilize risk software that can optimize the amount of risk within a portfolio or given asset class to maximize return – all while targeting your six-month comfort zone within a 95% probability.

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