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Chad Wing, CFP® MSFS ChFC® 

Chad Wing, CFP® MSFS ChFC® 

Founder & Wealth Advisor

Chad has been active in the financial service industry since 1995. After graduating college, his first stop was traditional banking and money management; and while this work was helpful, it lacked the opportunity to make the impact he wanted to make. In looking for a place where he could engage in holistic, comprehensive work that tied together all aspects of financial planning, he opted to begin his individual practice in 2003. 

Chad is a lifelong learner, and has earned a number of academic and professional credentials intending to expand his knowledge and expertise. He’s earned a Bachelor of Science in economics and business, a Master of Science in financial services, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, along with the Chartered Financial Consultant, the Retirement Income Certified Professional, and the Chartered Life Underwriter designations.    

Chad's been an Arizona resident for the better part of 20 years, and he, his wife Lindsay, and their two boys are rarely in one place for very long while the weather is nice and once the youth sports seasons pick up steam. They try their best to enjoy each moment they’re all together during these busy years.

When he’s not trying to keep up with the boys, Chad likes playing golf, diving into weekend warrior DIY projects, enjoying live music (aspiring guitar hero), grilling (and perfecting the Art of BBQ), weightlifting and training (occasionally leading to a Tough Mudder sign-up), and catching up on the latest sports from NHL to NCAA.

Hailing from Green Bay, WI leaves little chance Chad would be anything but a die-hard fan (and shareholder) of the Packers, and you’ll sooner see pigs fly than see him miss a game.