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At Canopy we focus on families, not charts and graphs. It’s about you. It’s about unbiased advice. We are a fee-based firm that seeks to adhere to the highest fiduciary standards and provide our clients with advice that is truly unbiased. We are an independent wealth management firm providing customized portfolio management and wealth planning services for clients in all phases of their lives. Our advisors always put client needs first and have helped them achieve long-term financial success and security. We accept no commissions or other incentives that might cloud our judgment or sway our allegiance.

Our balanced approach emphasizes:

  • Cutting edge technology providing transparency and real-time access.
  • Comprehensive reporting including integrating assets held at other custodians you may use. This gives you a complete financial snapshot with data updated daily on our secure site.
  • Collaborative team approach providing thoughtful advice.
  • Systematically revisiting the plan and portfolio to review, reassess and recalibrate.
  • Disciplined rebalancing approach to realign portfolio to its underlying household investment policy statement.
  • Optimizing and maintaining the best asset allocation mix to achieve the desired return objectives while monitoring the client’s risk profile.
  • Optimizing the ideal security allocation within each account to maximize the different characteristics of Taxable, Tax-deferred and Tax-Free account structures.
  • Auditing fees and performance for all securities in the portfolio.
  • Conducting on-going customized tax-loss harvesting for the purpose of minimizing tax consequences.